Orion 50K

Features include:

  • Rugged design, durable construction, and long-life
  • components.
  • 5.7L GM engine
  • The Orion Quick Change Attachment System is safer and faster to install AND it improves boom lifting capacities.
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Full-power fork locators align the forks where you need them when you need them, effortlessly.
  • Side-shifting carriage permits safer, faster, more accurate placement of big, heavy loads.
  • Available full-function digital remote control.
  • Tilt & Roll Angle Indicator

Optional Equipment

  • Full-function (steer, drive, lift) Digital Radio Remote Control
  • Extra-wide/custom carriage
  • Coil prong or Coil forks attachment
  • Extra-long forks
  • Cummins diesel engine
  • Tall Mast

Equipment Specifications
Max Capacity 50,000 lbs @ 24”
Travel Height 108"
Travel Width 72"
Overall Width 165"
Fork Dimensions 96" x 8" x 4"
Lift Height 102”
Max. Boom Reach 108”
Boom Lift Height 312”
Wheelbase 106"
Max. Inner Fork Spread 51"
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