Riggers Tri-Lifter 65BW

Take your low-ground pressure 65BW and install a set of 8’ forks and you now have a 100,000 lbs. capacity fork lift truck capable of lifting to a height of 15’, which in the heavy fork lift truck world, is pretty damned impressive. Featuring LP power for working inside and refuelling ease, the 65BW can be converted in a variety of lifting configurations; the Tri Lifter 65BW is a flexible, heavy lifting problem solver.

Equipment Specifications
Max Capacity 130,000 lbs.
200,000 lbs. as a gantry
Travel Height 123” (10'3”)
Lift Height 288” (24')
Machine Width 91"
Vehicle Weight approx. 76,000 lbs.
Prime Motive Power Options LP
Forks Available true
Operator's Compartment Clear View Mast
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