Versa-Lift 100-140

140,000 lbs. at a 24" load centre. If you liked the 60-80 you’re going to love the 140. It can drive into a building through a 10’ door and pick and carry 140,000 lbs. With the boom attachment installed, it can lift 100,000 lbs. to almost 26’, ideal for heavy, high maintenance and equipment installation and up-righting. It can lift maximum loads to 26’ 6".

Equipment Specifications
Max Capacity 140,400 lbs. @ 24” ctwt ext
101,700 lbs. @ 24” ctwt ret
Travel Height 138”
Travel Width 96"
Lift Height 132”
Boom Reach 120” (10')
Boom Height 382” (31’10”)
Wheelbase Retracted 126”
Wheelbase Extended 174”
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