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Orion designs and manufactures industrial high capacity forklift trucks and boom attachments for a variety of material handling applications World wide, including, Nuclear Installations, Military applications, Port facilities, Die handling, Rigger forklift trucks, Machinery moving, Plant relocations and much more.

Designed in house using the latest 3D CAD software, our innovative features come from many years of experience working with our end users and suppliers to ensure the latest components available are used. The ORION family of forklift trucks are hydrostatically driven providing a smooth accurate placement every time while using. Ease of maintenance and access to critical components are genuine concerns in the design and engineering of the entire ORION line. With the high-quality parts and craftsmanship, the ORION is built to preserve your investment for many years.

Our line of forklift trucks ranging from 24,000 lbs to 160,000 lbs lifting capacity are fully customizable to fit your specific needs. Their versatility allows indoor and outdoor use on hard surfaces providing a lighter footprint due to our specific tire design. ORION’s short wheelbase ideally suits it to applications where travel, power and manoeuvrability are required.

ORION’s are built keeping the operators’ comfort and safety in mind. With high quality seats, tilt steering, back up camera, full function remote control, full power vertical and horizontal boom function and digital load scale.

All our trucks can be fitted with boom, forks or coil prong and are built with the ORION quick change attachment system.

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Orion quick-change carriage

Orion Heavy Fork Lifts have incorporated the Orion Quick-Change carriage as a standard feature on all models, including the 160,000 lbs. capacity 160K model.

The Orion lineup all feature the availability of full-power fork positioners (to position the forks without the use of hard labour) and the ability to side-shift maximum capacity loads for (almost) pin-point accurate load placement (both features improving safety and saving time and money).

Watch time-lapse quick-change video

Watch the step-by-step quick-change video

Custom manufacturing

We take pride in everything we do! From quality parts selected that withhold the test of time to operator ease running the ORION. All our ORIONs are built in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

In House Fabrication

We design in house which allows us to customize each build to suit your specific needs. We have a complete fitting and welding shop that allows us to be flexible and versatile. We offer custom attachments for each model that suits your need.

Easy Access for Repairs & Maintenance

The Orion is built with the operator ease in mind. Propane tanks situated in a low and easy to reach location, ergonomic seating and control placement, easy access removable panels around the engine are only some of the great engineering ideas.


The Orion lift trucks are built with versatility in mind. With our quick-change technology, you can change your attachments within 10 minutes. Currently we stock coil prongs, booms, attachment mast (for higher lifts) and forks.


Our high-quality control is sustainable as we manufacture the Orion lift trucks in house. The in house advantage keeps us involved from ordering parts, frame welding to final assembly. Rest assured Orion’s are built with longevity in mind.

We ensure quality is our most important priorities from the first weld to attaching the final decals. We inspect our product at every stage and utilize 3rd party engineers to validate our finished products.

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