Image of Versa-Lift a Forklift


High Reach Inc. is proud to have introduced so many industries, manufacturers and stampers to Custom Mobile Lift’s line of heavy, low profile, variable capacity forklift trucks. With lift capacities ranging from 17,000 to 140,000 lbs., Versa-Lift forklift trucks have an extraordinarily manoeuvrable, high-capacity lifting machine for an ever-expanding range of applications.

Versa-Lift forklift trucks out-manoeuvre and out-perform other lifting methods for machinery moving and placement, die changing, maintenance, and construction applications. Hydrostatic drives make for precise, smooth and assure load control. The loads are electronically monitored and radio digital remote controls of all fork lift functions are available for increased efficiency and safety.

The Versa-Lift fork lifts offer many beneficial features, and with several options available, they are easily customizable.

Forklift Boom Attachment - For full capacity lifts to full height
Direct Lift Mast - Two-stage hydraulic lift cylinder lifts without chains
Removable Counterweight - For reducing weight to ship machine
Extendable Frame - For more lifting capacity
Hydrostatic Drive - For more control and smooth acceleration
2 Speed Transmission - For extra power and precise movements in low